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Coraline, Finding Joy on the Other

Did you happy with your life already have today? If not happy, just maybe your life just like Coraline. A teenage girl who lived with his parents in the Pink Palace Apartment, a big old house in the countryside.

Despite being close, She even felt so far away from his parents. Only accompanied by his own quiet and Coraline spent her days at the old house and the big man. Caroline was lucky to share a roof with several other residents that he did not feel too sad.

We're fun exploring the house, She was amazed at a wall with a door, then this is where Coraline discovered the pass into another world. World and take an adventure to find happiness.

She was surprised to find how the world is exactly as it lived in the house. All rooms, even the bedroom. On the other side of the world's Coraline and met 'the other mother', another mother in exactly the same with her mother. 'Others' button-eyed cook and more wholeheartedly love Coraline.

She lost in the promise and offered a sweet dream the other for her mother, about a life that is more beautiful and happy. But of course there is a price to pay for a dream She was, she had to leave their original parents, exchanging his eyes with a pair of button eyes.

She was not happy, but he did not want to swap the eyes, even her parents live to get happy that turned out false. She wanted to go home, but the artificiality created by the other mother did not even set him up to go back to the real world.

She was lucky that it was smart and brave can go back through the door of another world, back to the real world. Unfortunately too late for Coraline, the other mother had already seized two original parents. Assisted by a black cat that can talk into following him across the world, she managed to save his parents, freeing the soul of children unhappy trapped by a snare of 'the other mother'.

This animated film lifted from the novel by Neil Gaiman. Novel itself has won many awards in the U.S. and Europe. One was Bram Stoker Award for Best Work for Young Readers (2002). Unfortunately not many readers of the novel in Indonesia who know the novel. Public is more familiar with Gaiman's work is manifested in the form of comics such as Sandman, Harlequin Valentine, Black Orchid, or Death entering adult category.

Through the cold hands of Craig Russell, Coraline graphic novel version successfully presented gripping and dark as the novel version. Pun, animation on Coraline movie is different from most 3D movies by Pixar or Dreamworks. The technique used is a stop-motion stereostopic recorded with 3-D.

Being in director Henry Selick, Coraline animated movie involving Dakota Fanning selected the right as the voice of Coraline who represent youth in puberty. Teri Hatcher was considered capable of serving two different characters, as the mother and the other mother.

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