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Female Desire Ideal Man

The majority of men than women tend to be not too concerned with his body. Often done haphazardly. Whether we realize it or not, these actions can be bad for sexual health.

Men - men who experience sexual dysfunction was not aware if it caused a habit that they consider normal. And also to affect your partner when in contact so that the expected lack of harmony in love relationships. Therefore you need to note the following:

~ ~ ~ Do not Like Wear Tight Pants ~ ~ ~
Not only women who had to watch this one thing, but men also. Use of tights that are too often will bring bad effects to the reproductive sperm. Pants (underwear too) will make tight testicles clung to the body unnaturally. This causes the temperature rise resulting balls reproductive processes affected sperm.

~ ~ ~ Do not assume Laptop ~ ~ ~
Sperm are very sensitive to heat. Therefore, doctors recommend men do not long hot bath, curl up in the spa room, or lap laptop.
A study published in the journal Human Reproduction published in England in 2004 says, the combination of laptop heat generated by the heat produced a flattened style sitting thigh to be placed with a laptop balanced, it will interfere with sperm production. The increase more than 1 degree from the threshold will result in negative effects on sperm.

~ ~ ~ Increase the consumption of Vitamin C ~ ~ ~
Several studies have shown, a supplement containing vitamin C, zinc L-carnitine (amino acid), can help improve the quality of sperm. This is demonstrated in a study of 47 men with poor sperm mortilitas. They were given 3 grams of L-carnitine a day and it turns out, these supplements can double sperm count.

~ ~ ~ Reducing Cigarette ~ ~ ~
Smoking will make blood vessels contract, including the sex organs. Smoking increases the risk of erection problems, because the blood flow to the penis is not smooth.
Research conducted in England that was launched Healthnewsday shows, 78% of 1011 patients were smokers erectile disorder. While the study conducted at Yale University Medical mentions about 40% of men who spend a pack of cigarettes per day experienced erectile dysfunction, compared with those who do not consume tobacco.

~ ~ ~ Lifestyle ~ ~ ~
Impotence can be caused by many things, one of them when the arteries to the penis becomes blocked. However, do not be too worried about it, because the program includes four steps: low-fat vegetarian diet, stopping smoking, a half-hour walk every day, and learn to manage stress, it can help improve these types of potential interference.

~ ~ ~ Many Eating Tomatoes ~ ~ ~
Tomatoes can reduce prostate cancer risk as much as 45%. This is because tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is a cancer-preventing antioxidants.
This discovery resulted from a seven-year study by Harvard University involving 47,000 men in middle age. No matter how the tomatoes consumed, could be in the form of juice or soup, tomatoes remain healthy.

~ ~ ~ Enough Sleep ~ ~ ~
Lack of sleep makes him sluggish and lackluster at work, but getting enough sleep can prevent premature aging. When we produce sleep hormone Somatropin, a hormone crucial to inhibit the aging process that works for the regeneration of cells.
When disturbed sleep schedule, these hormones can not produce well, the result will be inhibited cell regeneration.

~ ~ ~ Sports ~ ~ ~
A study supporting this research conducted involving 95 men aged around 48 years. Where 17 people walking for one hour, four times a week. The rest of fitness and aerobic exercise.
After 9 months, was the man who exercised by walking on foot does not show changes in their sexual lives. Instead, the men from the group aerobic leap in reported experiencing sexual arousal, even about 30% more have intercourse.

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