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Curing Migraine

Due to a migraine headache is excruciating. Besides head throbbed, migraine sufferers also feel generally high sensitivity to light, sounds and even smells.

Allegedly, the cause of migraine attacks is the presence of brain hiperaktiftas electrical impulses that increase blood flow in the brain, resulting in a brain blood vessel dilation and inflammation. This causes pain and other symptoms, such as nausea. The more severe inflammation that occurs, the more severe migraine also suffered. Genetic factors known to contribute to the occurrence of migraine.

To combat a migraine, you do not have to always rely on pain medication. You can try some of these natural ingredients:

1. Tea and coffee
Drink hot tea or hot coffee. Caffeine in tea and coffee is believed effective to relieve headaches. However, you need to consider the dose and your body resistance to caffeine.

2. Ginger

Ginger contains substances such safrol, tannins, phenil prophil acetat, carminative, and stomakik.Zat - substance is beneficial to: reduce stress, relax your breathing, increase appetite, sweating hands feet, breaking the gas in the stomach, and improve digestion.
Ginger brewed with hot water, add sugar. Drink while warm. Potent ginger rhizome to help reduce your headache. These plants act as an anti-allergy medicine (antihistamine) and also anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), so it is very effective for preventing migraine becomes increasingly worse.

3. Rice, bread, or pasta
Migraine can be countered with foods containing complex carbohydrates. Function, helps provide the energy your body needs, so it can help reduce the intensity and prevent the emergence of migraine worse.

4. Fish
Omega 3 found in fish, particularly salmon, are also proven effective against pain in migraine headaches.

5. Vegetables
Foods rich in magnesium as found in the type of vegetable spinach, peas and pumpkins also can reduce migraine attacks that appear suddenly.

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