Selasa, 03 November 2009

Miracle Tomato

Tomatoes that had been known as a vegetable / fruit, it is also useful for herbs.
Among them are:

* Tomatoes can overcome acne.

Apparently ... tomatine content in tomatoes is also efficacious as anti-inflammatory.
Tomatoes also contain carotene and vitamin C is efficacious as an antioxidant. Sitratnya acid while also lifting the dirt and fat on the face of acne.
~ ~ ~ Here's how: ripe tomatoes cut into pieces and then gently rub the acne on the face. Every day if you are diligent in doing the treatment in this way, then about a month later your face is free from acne.

* Tomato as a medicine for Sprain

~ ~ ~ If the sprain ... do not worry, just heal with tomato mixture.
Here's how: blenderlah tomatoes and their juices mixed with sesame oil, with the ratio 1: 1. Heat the oil until just stay. After that use oil to massage joints sprain.

* Tomatoes to overcome Boils

~ ~ ~ Boils can be overcome with tomatoes.
Here's how: reheat the meat and tomato seeds. Then put on the ulcers. Usually, it boils broke out shortly afterwards, once healed.

* Tomato juice as a preventative cancer

~ ~ ~ Raw tomato juice contains lycopene which is known as one of the cancer-preventing substance. Besides raw ustomat j also helps stimulate blood circulation and helps reduce high blood pressure.

* Tomato juice nutritional support

~ ~ ~ Raw tomato juice contains potassium which is very important to support the body's nutritional and vitamin C mengadung very beneficial to the body.

* Tomato juice to overcome constipation

~ ~ ~ Tomato juice can also improve the decreased appetite and help with digestive problems. By consuming a minimum of tomato juice 1 cup a day, constipation problems will be solved.

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