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Natural way of curing vaginal discharge

We have many experienced white by some women, vaginal discharge is normal and there is not normal. Here it is like to be a problem because we are often considered trivial about this whitish.

Practically normal to discharge occurred in times before menstruation and several days after menstruation with color characteristics of clear, odorless and does not cause itching, and discharge it will disappear by itself.

Abnormal vaginal discharge if keputihannya white or greenish, smelly, and causes itching around the female organs. Keluarpun lot of mucus and therefore interfering with comfort.

Abnormal vaginal discharge occurs there are several causes such as bacteria, yeast / candida albicans, parasites, or possibly a virus.

If severe should see a doctor and do the lab but if you still want to try a little and naturally there are recipes Several recipes can be tried reply ...

If according Hembing natural remedy to overcome the discharge include:

~ Betel leaves approximately 15 pieces of boiled but previously had been washed clean, boiled water about 2 liters and boiled until the water boils still keep warm in use to wash the vagina several times a day.

Meanwhile, natural medicine taken to help in the healing of dry sambiloto 10 grams of dried pomegranate + skin + 15 grams of chopped turmeric 20 grams, all material is washed before it is boiled with water to 600 cc 300 cc left then filtered and drunk as much as 2 times a day .

There also are used to overcome sambiloto leaves whitish, almost the same way sambiloto boil about 2 sticks chopped continue washed and boiled in 3 cups water and simmer for a long time ago after cold filtered water and drink 3 times a day.

Hopefully a little information about prescription drugs could be useful experience for women who suffer from vaginal discharge and seeking traditional medicine as an alternative ancestry treatment.

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