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Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Testing Office 2010 Break Records

Jakarta - Microsoft sumringah center. Therefore, the user shown enthusiasm for trying out Microsoft Office 2010 beta fairly satisfactory. In fact, until the record-breaking numbers.
Quoted from Information Week, Friday (29/1/2010), for 7 weeks was thrown to the public, Office 2010 beta've copied more than 2 million times by the tester are curious.
"Office 2010 beta has been collecting records the use and interest, beyond what is printed Office 2007," said General Manager of Microsoft Office, Rachel Bondi.
"Or, if averaged, there were 40,000 downloads per day," umbarnya.
Of course this is a separate foster trust for the software giant to release a new champ at the end of the year.
For now, Microsoft could say was abused 'grief'. After the sale of Office for the consumer market in the last quarter slumped some 34%, while sales for the company fell by 4% because some of their customers choose to turn to cheaper products from competitors.

Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Prescription Drugs Toothache Heritage Ancestors!

Among the mild to severe illness, toothache is the most frustrating for us. Imagine, you're so hard to enjoy the food in your mouth. Few of the ailing tooth was touched, it felt like ah sentenced dozens of tonnes of load.

Although classified as a disease that includes mild, you should not be underestimated. Why? because of the embedded tooth was also important nerves that relate directly to the brain and other senses. So treat your teeth immediately if he became ill.

To move quickly and save time, several pain medications may think you will much help. And the facts say that these drugs will create its own immunity in the body. And finally even when the pain comes, you're addicted to chemical drugs. Yes of course it's not good for your health.

Back to nature and enjoy the natural treatment by several natural ingredients that you will find even in your kitchen. Hmm ... what the hell drugs are efficacious?

Massage ice blocks
Ice block is ready to help relieve your toothache. Oh right? what can be lost if the cold just makes you ache? Follow the trick here, take a small piece of ice back and put in between the index finger and thumb. Massage gently in the part, well now you can feel the pain slowly began to eliminate?

Comfortable massage by ice blocks touching the nerve cells located around the thumb and forefinger. Massage the ice block made directly to the nerve center, so that 60 to 90% of pain you are feeling quickly disappeared. Safer than pain right?

The minced garlic (1 clove garlic), then sprinkle a little salt. Chewing on the sore area and soon the pain in your teeth will disappear slowly. You can also use it as therapy to strengthen the bone structure of your teeth.

Not only the garlic, onion but also able to relieve your toothache. In addition, the enzyme content in the onion can help kill the bad germs in the mouth.

Squeeze lime juice, in part pulaskan toothache spoonful after spoonful every 10 minutes until the juice runs out. Besides rich in vitamin C, orange juice also serves as your dental pain.

Clove oil
You may know that the clove is one of the constituent composition of cigarettes. But unlike these cloves, clove oil extract is very effective to save your teeth feel sore from the attack. It's easy, apply clove oil on your teeth with the help of cotton.

Not recommended for salt consumption directly, not because of side effects, but it's certainly not very salty? But behind this salty, high iodine content was also relieve tooth pain. It's easy, sprinkle salt in a glass of warm mineral water. Stir and use as a means of mouthwash. Gargle at least until you feel quite comfortable and not too tormented by pain tooth.

Telling recipes are very simple indeed, but never underestimate Benefit its Ok. In a few simple steps, natural medicines are rid of pain without causing harmful side effects.

Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

How do I get passive income from the internet

Such questions may also have long existed in your mind. You are looking for how you can order an automatic income from the Internet without having a lot of sweat. Want to know?
The key to generate a passive income that you need to develop revenue sources that can generate passive income, making the system, and monitor the system works well.
To create a successful business and generate passive income potential, the steps:

1. Create your information product
If you've been successful with your business even have a consultant in the field, you need to do to generate passive income is to make the products according to the information your field. Creating information products makes it easy to teach many people without having to meet face to face. Add software also associated with your information products to enhance the value of your product selling.

2. Create system
After your internet business street, then you need to create a system so that your Internet business can be run without your presence or with your intervention is minimal. The system that will move the wheels of your Internet business.

3. Recruit people
The system is so, then you need to find someone to run the system, you are just monitoring it. Internet business today is no longer its time when it must be done alone. Anyone would be overwhelmed if you run any Internet business activities alone. I am sure the results will be far from optimal. Therefore you need to recruit people and put in the right place in the system that you have created


Less Suster Keramas sensor Valid Without MUI

JAKARTA-Deputy Council of Ulama Indonesia (MUI) at the Film Censorship Institution (LSF) was not join the film censor " Suster Keramas ". Because, the film is not a part of.

This was revealed Word Star LSF members met in the building when the film Usmar Ismail, Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (8/1/2010).

"Because this film is not religious movie, why should involve the MUI. Packed comedy scenes, and so censorship was cut in several places, "he explained.

Word explained in the LSF, there is 45 people consisting of MUI, NU, Muhammadiyah, the Church Council, journalists, and others. "If you want to censor you do not need 45 (men). 1 team is 5 people doing the 1-time sensors various television programs and movies, "he explained.

If you want to censor the film berbagu religion, then LSF will include representatives of religious organizations such as the MUI. "Three of the five who know the religion, if the general movie, do not need to be involved.

Previously, the MUI signal will attract representatives from the LSF as already several times that smells porn movie passes to the public circulation. MUI exemplifies the film " Suster Keramas ".


Conditions of Internet Business Success

Lots of people are trying to achieve success in the business opportunities the internet or online business. But in fact only less than 10% that really could work successfully. Why do many fail? And many tricks they have tried but still did not visit a satisfying payoff. So what's really the key to their success was 10%?

After I have studied and I've experienced in my experience many years, to succeed in business online, at least we should:

- Focus
Do not like it like a frog who liked to jump here jump there in exploiting business opportunities. If you do this, I guarantee you 95% you will fail.
- Commitment
Do not ever give up and never backed away before you succeed.

- Patience
Internet business is not a way to instantly wealthy. It takes time and process to be successful in internet business. It is nonsense to be successful in internet business in a matter of weeks.

- Avoid crowded market
Do not enter the already crowded market (market is very much a rival), unless you have a master's in business online. so, if you are not a master, find a niche market (nice market). Easier to succeed if you focus on the nice market.

Please try your own tips above. If you really do it, chances are you will be part of those who are already successful in the internet business.

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

Ingredients and Benefits of Bananas

In general, the nutrients contained in each ripe bananas are as follows: calories 99 calories, 1.2 grams protein, 0.2 fat grams, carbohydrates 25.8 milligrams (mg), 0.7 grams fiber, 8 mg calcium , phosphorus 28 mg, 0.5 mg iron, 44 RE vitamin A, 0.08 mg vitamin B, vitamin C 3 mg and 72 grams of water.

Ingredients bananas very much, consisting of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, fat, etc., so that if people only ate bananas alone, have a minimum nutritionally adequate.

The Benefits of Bananas

*** Source of Power Energy
Bananas can easily digested, the sugar found in fruit is converted into a good source of energy quickly, and that's good in the formation of the body, to work the muscles, and very good to relieve fatigue.

*** Benefits for Your Baby
Bananas are also recommended for pregnant women consumed because they contain folic acid, which is easily absorbed through the womb fetus. However, do not be too much, because one banana contains about 85-100 calories.

*** Benefit for Patients with Anemia
Two bananas are eaten by anemia patients each day is enough, because it contains Fe (iron) high.

*** Benefit for Colon and Stomach Illness
Banana milk mixed with liquid (or put in a glass of liquid milk) can serve as a remedy in cases of intestinal disease. It can also be recommended for patients with abdominal pain and Cholik to neutralize stomach acidity.

*** Benefit for Patients with Lever
Patients with liver disease consume bananas good two plus one tablespoon of honey, will increase appetite and create a strong.

*** Benefit for Burn Injuries
Banana leaves can be used for the treatment of burned skin dioles way, a mixture of banana leaf ash plus coconut oil has a cooling influence of the skin.

*** Benefit for Diabetes
In the Gorontalo (North Sulawesi), type of banana banana goroho local characteristic, is the extra food / essential for those who suffer from diabetes / diabetes mellitus, especially bananas goroho immature, then steamed and mixed with grated young coconut.

*** Banana and Beauty
Banana porridge mixed with a little milk and honey, dabbed at his face on a regular basis every day for 30-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water then rinse with cold water or ice, repeated for 15 days, will produce an amazing effect on the skin.

*** Banana to Set Weight Loss
Bananas also have a role in weight loss as well as to raise the weight. Has proved a person lose weight by dieting 4 (four) and bananas 4 (four) cups of non fat milk or fresh milk per day at least 3 days a week, the number of calories in 1250 only and the menu is healthy.
In addition, these diets do not make skin greasy and clean. On the other hand, consume a glass of banana milk shake mixed with honey, fruits, nuts, and mango after dinner, would raise the weight.






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